The Facts

Telstra have announced the progressive shutdown of 3G due to be completed by June 2024. This provides less than 700 working days to prepare for the change and implement a new solution.

3G only devices will not work and your non-4G voice calling enabled 4G devices will not be able to make voice calls after this date.

Back in 2005, 3G was the foundation of mobile broadband but the world has adopted newer 4G and 5G services for higher performing and cost-efficient coverage.

What types of IoT applications are at risk?

  • Road and Traffic monitoring systems
  • Weather stations
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Building Management Systems
  • RTU (Remote Telemetry Units)
  • Pumping Stations
  • Tank Level Monitoring
  • Flood Monitoring Systems

  • Meter reading
  • SCADA/telemetry
  • Eftpos
  • Vending
  • Industrial Alarm Paging Systems (SMS Alarming)
  • PLC remote communications / diagnostics
  • Utilities remote infrastructure such as reclosers
  • Cathodic Protection Systems

Why Act Now?

Avoid the rush

2024 sounds far off, but you’ll need to start planning now to successfully perform an upgrade to 10,000 end points.

Immediate cost savings

Take advantage of transitioning your environment to a lower ongoing cost base now. Don’t wait for the switch-off in 2024.

Avoid hidden surprises

Planning provides the ability to understand the magnitude of migrating your IoT environment. Don’t get smacked with one huge bill!

So, what’s next?


You don’t need to solve this problem on your own. Book a Solution Workshop below with our industry experts and scope your risks, needs and opportunities with us today.


After careful consideration of your operational requirements and a focus on a solution that suits your needs, we’ll help you map out your migration plan from start to finish and set a timeline that suits your business.


Configure and install your solution, knowing you have a solution that is ready for today and tomorrow.

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