Smart Coverage Solutions

Cellular repeaters amplify and enhance mobile signals, ensuring reliable communication throughout spaces.

The technology takes weak 3G, 4G, or 5G signals and rebroadcasts them over greater distances. The rebroadcast signals can overcome obstacles and degradation, improving connectivity and coverage.

Did you know: Up to 80% of cellular communication originates indoors*

With an increasing expectation of strong, consistent mobile coverage, ensuring that your employees, customers and guests can connect when they need to has become increasingly important.

Applications Across Diverse Environments:

Repeater technology is commonly used to improve mobile coverage in:

  • middle-rise residential buildings (including car parks and basements)
  • office buildings
  • warehouses
  • universities and education campuses
  • shopping centres
  • hospitals and health campuses
  • underground car parks
  • factories
  • mine sites

If your goal is to improve coverage in an overwise poorly serviced environment, our team can assess your location to see if a cellular repeater solution suits your needs.

Nextivity Cel-Fi Go:

Madison Connect Solutions proudly uses Nextivity CEL-FI cellular repeaters. CEL-FI products are known for reliability and efficiency, and meet all Australian standards.

Madison Commander

The Madison Commander is a pre-wired cabinet for 3 CEL-FI Repeaters. Using the Madison Commander saves time, and significantly reduces the component inventory required for Cellular Repeater installations.

Find out more about the Madison Commander.

*Commscope, 2015.

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