NTD Line Module, Standard

Part #: MT2712

The MT2712 Line Module - Standard provides primary surge protection, bridging between the Telconetwork and the customer cabling, and is environmentally protected and designed to be compatible withNetwork Termination Device MT2710.
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• Exceeds Telcordia Severe Lightning Surge Requirements
• Patented Auto-Jack® Technology
• Offered With Optional Electronics (to be specified by the Telco)
• Environmentally Sealed IDC Terminations
• Easy To Use Rocker Terminations (tool-less)
• Sealed Test Point Contacts

Key Product Benefits

• Module’s unique design provides surge protection, network/customer bridging and star wiring facilities in one module
• Internal connections and the RJ-11 jack are protected from moisture and other contaminants.
• Customer wire connections utilize gel-sealed IDC (Insulation Displacement Connection) terminations which accept 0.4mm to 0.64mm solid copper wire.
• Includes four sealed IDC customer connection ports, with each port independently terminating one cable pair.
• Each customer pair can be terminated without disturbing previous connections.
• Convenient rocker feature enables technician to terminate customer cabling without the use of tools.
• Clear IDC rockers enable easy visual connection verification.
• Module includes tii’s unique patented switchable RJ-11 Jack (Auto-Jack®). The Auto-Jack® does not require an RJ-11 plug for normal operation and delivers unparalleled reliability.
• When engaged, the Auto-Jack® connects the RJ-11 test plug contacts to the Telco line for dial tone validation while disconnecting the customer cabling from the circuit.
• Module includes two gel-sealed test points that can accommodate voltmetre test probes or a standard hand telephone test set with small alligator type clips, which allows the technician to test the line while in service and also to separately test the customer wiring and the Telco wiring while a test plug is mated into the Auto-Jack® receptacle. This greatly facilitates the testing process.

Industry Standards

• Meets “Severe and Flooded” requirements of Telcordia GR-49 CORE and TR-NWT-001195.
• Exceeds Telcordia GR-49 CORE requirements for severe climatic conditions.
• Complies with Telstra D1575.
• Complies with ITU-T K.55 Over-voltage and Over-current requirements

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